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The Story of Andean Imports

Thanks for stopping by to check out Andean Imports. 

I'm James Christopher, the founder of the company.


As a young man I lived throughout Latin America. From Panama to Peru I gained an intimate knowledge of the cultures and customs. In all my travels the Andean Region, specifically Peru, captured my heart. The beautiful landscapes, from the arid Atacama desert to the verdant rainforest,  have no equal. But the indigenous peoples of the region are the true treasures. The rich culture of the Andean peoples is expressed in their beautiful textiles. Textiles which are still sustainably produced today have become a must-have for anyone visiting the region.

At higher altitudes the artisans of the Andes have been creating cold-weather clothing for millennia and have perfected the art.

Andean Imports exists to bring these masterpieces to you.

Our products are purchased in small batches allowing us to ensure the highest quality. Each item has been hand selected and acquired directly from the artisan.


Sustainability is important to us and we pride ourselves on our line of clothing which uses all natural fibers and dyes.

I know you'll love our products as much as I do.


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